About Us

Le Papillon Designs is a collection of artisan jewelry born out of love, passion and a grieving heart.  I’ve always had a passion for beauty and artisan made designs.

Along my journey I’ve had the honor of getting to know many beautiful artists.  From them I’ve learned to appreciate the handmade beauty of each unique piece and how they made me feel when I wore them: inspired, confident and ready to tackle anything.  It is through this inspiration and my personal journey that Le Papillon Designs was formed.

It is with gratitude for the love of the artists, my friends and family that I too can share my creations with you.  Each piece is from the heart and hope it brings you what your heart desires.  It is a privilege to share these designs with the world and all my gratitude for the opportunity!

Michelle Leigh,

Owner & Creator of Le Papillon Designs, LLC

Our advantages

All pieces are uniquely handcrafted and no piece is the same.  There may be similarities between stones or concepts, but there is always some unique element that sets the design apart and will compliment your unique beauty too!

Quality Materials

At Le Papillon Designs we have a keen eye for detail and strive to only acquire the highest quality stones and materials.  High-end, rare, unique stones and materials are sourced to ensure a high-degree of quality and satisfaction.

Designs & Inspirations

Inspiration is everywhere, do you see it… we do and it is life’s beauty, challenges and environment that inspires us, along with creating something special for you all.​

Le Papillon Designs “Style”

I’ve been asked before, “so what is your style” and my answer is whatever inspires me.  I dabble in many different styles and designs and am always looking to learn more and expand my creativity.  At Le Papillon Designs we don’t fit into a box and encourage you not to either, rather to dream and fly high like the butterfly. 

Visit Le Papillon Designs

If you’re in Northern West Michigan, land of cherries, fresh lake water and beauty, come pay us a visit in our quaint village of Suttons Bay.   

We are located at 321 N. Saint Joseph St., Suttons Bay, MI 49682.  While we can’t accept mail here, we love for you to pay us a visit in person and checkout our collections.