Reiki-Infused Artisan Jewelry handmade in northern michigan  |  Meet the Artist

About Le Papillon Designs

Our Advantages

As an Artist and Certified Reiki Practitioner my designs are unique and I channel the Universal Life Energy of Reiki into each collection.  Upon completion I infuse the jewelry with a general Reiki blessing; one that will enhance the natural healing properties of the stones, crystals and metals within the design.

All pieces are uniquely handcrafted and no collection is the same.  My passion is to bring harmony and balance to the chakra’s through artisan jewelry!

At Le Papillon Designs we have a keen eye for detail and strive to only acquire the highest quality stones and materials. High-end, rare, unique stones and materials are sourced to ensure a high-degree of quality and satisfaction.

Inspiration is everywhere, do you see it… we do and it is life’s beauty, challenges and environment that inspires us, along with creating something special for you all.

I’ve been asked before, “so what is your style” and my answer is whatever inspires me. I dabble in many different styles and designs and am always looking to learn more and expand my creativity. At Le Papillon Designs we don’t fit into a box and encourage you not to either, rather to dream and fly high like the butterfly.

Reiki-Infused Artisan Jewelry handmade in northern michigan  |  Shop Now

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