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2023 Highlights

Curtains down on 2023…

Time to bid adieu and embrace the next journey!   📷  Photo credit Michelle Leigh That’s a wrap on 2023 and the Integrated Energy Alignment Certification Program! I’m so honored and excited to announce I have completed my Integrated Energy Alignment Certification program and I am a certified Integrated Energy Alignment healer in addition to a Reiki Practitioner.  The blend of the two healing modalities is oh so very powerful and brings healing to another level 🦋! What are you gonna make happen in 2024 and beyond, what would you like to release and bring in for your highest well being?  … Read More »

INSPIRATION …it’s everywhere!

Often times people ask me how do I get inspired for my collections?   Well…inspiration is everywhere and I design my one of a kind Reiki-Infused Artisan Jewelry based on the stones, how they call to me, a need or purpose, a feeling and frankly what is inspiring me in my surroundings.   My latest piece was inspired by Duke’s photoshoot and a new dress I bought for his yearly debut behind the camera!  I get a dress and he gets a matching scarf and then Josef is on his own, and he did quite well I’ll say (the handsome one he is… Read More »

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