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Red Hot Best 2024, Thank you!

The healing art of Reiki, Intuitive Energy Healing and Artisan Jewelry brings balance, strength, joy, positivity and much beauty to your day.  This is something I have been manifesting and working towards, I am so honored and grateful to have won our local 2024 Red Hot Best awards for; 🦋 #1 place to buy jewelry 🦋 #2 for art gallery   I am truly grateful for all the support and votes. Also for the oppurtunity to share the healing powers of Reiki-Infused Artisan Jewelry with everyone, as it is more than jewelry, it is support for the chakras! Check out our… Read More »

Artisan Jewelry INSPIRATION …it’s everywhere!

Often times people ask me how do I get inspired for my collections?   Well…inspiration is everywhere and I design my one of a kind Reiki-Infused Artisan Jewelry based on the stones, how they call to me, a need or purpose, a feeling and frankly what is inspiring me in my surroundings.   My latest piece was inspired by Duke’s photoshoot and a new dress I bought for his yearly debut behind the camera!  I get a dress and he gets a matching scarf and then Josef is on his own, and he did quite well I’ll say (the handsome one he is… Read More »

The Art of Transformation with Reiki-Infused Artisan Jewelry and Reiki & Intuitive Energy Healing

Welcome to Le Papillon Designs! We are so happy you are here and hope you enjoy the beauty of the Reiki-Infused Artisan Jewelry! If you are in Northern Michigan we’d love for you to visit us in our downtown Suttons Bay showroom.  Where you’ll experience a the energy and collection of Reiki-Infused Artisan Jewelry, Art, Crystals and more.   If you are new to us we look forward to getting to know you and to those who have been on this journey along the way we hope you enjoy the refreshed website.  We are adding more Reiki-Infused Artisan jewelry daily so… Read More »

Reiki-Infused Artisan Jewelry handmade in northern michigan  |  Shop Now

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