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Le Papillon Energy Healing

Reiki Light Upon Winter Blooms

Light Shines Upon the Winter Blooms… Happy Lighter Days!  This was from our February newsletter, but I wanted to share it here, even if a ‘lil’ late! Deep breath and breathe in the light, take a moment and know that you’ve made it through the solar winter.  The quarter of the year with the least amount of daylight in the Northern Hemisphere.   Now we are approaching daylight savings time here in northern MI. The cycle was from November 6th to February 3rd, plus with holidays mixed in there, what a doozy that is… so remember to take time to honor yourself… Read More »

Ground into Gratitude with Reiki

Take a deep breath…ground in…and say it with me 🍁 What came up for you…? As you recited this beautiful Ho’oponopono prayer, or mantra as some prefer, what came up for you….did it stir or spark something, did a person or situation come in? 🌻  I’d love to hear from you, drop me a note with what came up for you in a safe, sacred space to honor YOU! For whatever came up I encourage you to lean into it, honor it and give yourself some grace.  Letting go and releasing is not easy, but remember you do not have to do it… Read More »

Autumn Transformation with Reiki & Energy Healing 🍂

The seasons are quickly transforming… hello Autumn 🍂  Let’s talk transformation, we are all undergoing one day by day, as we grow and evolve. Whether you’re going through a major transformation, thinking about one or just the general day-to-day of life‘s evolution we’re all in our own metamorphosis.  Be sure to give yourself compassion, grace and love in the process.  Transformations can take on many forms, but they all deserve a little bit of grace and support in the process and I’d be honored to hold a safe and sacred space for you.        I love watching the Monarch Butterflies go… Read More »

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