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Curtains down on 2023…

Time to bid adieu and embrace the next journey!


ūüď∑¬†¬†Photo credit Michelle Leigh

That’s a wrap on 2023 and the Integrated Energy Alignment Certification Program!

I’m so honored and excited to announce I have completed my Integrated Energy Alignment Certification program and I am a certified Integrated Energy Alignment healer in addition to a Reiki Practitioner.¬† The blend of the two healing modalities is oh so very powerful and brings healing to another level ūü¶č!

What are you gonna make happen in 2024 and beyond, what would you like to release and bring in for your highest well being?  

✨ Whatever your dreams and desires for 2024 and beyond are, I can help. Throughout this program and working with my clients we have all evolved working towards our highest well being.  By becoming lighter in releasing what no longer serves you, bringing in your desires and opening up your heart with gratitude to receive you can be brave, shock yourself, everyone and make it happen!

Don’t worry if you don’t have it all figured out, you’re not supposed to, none of us are!

I had no idea going into 2023¬†I would push my personal and spiritual growth in the ways I did this year…the IEA certification wasn’t even on my radar.¬† What was on my radar though, was¬†the knowing I wanted to elevate mind body and spirit with my Reiki practice.¬† To help and heal others the way Reiki has helped me and the right teacher and program showed up at the right time.¬† It’s all in divine timing, trust in that!¬†¬†

‚ėÄÔłŹ It was the day before the summer solstice that I took the leap and invested in myself and the next six¬†months.¬† A program that was intense with personal sacrifices for my growth.¬† While also being demanding and stretching myself in ways I didn’t know I would be, by breaking through¬†limiting beliefs and casting¬†my fears aside.¬† I was able to do so by allowing in the healing energy of growth, releasing what no longer serves me, receiving¬†abundance, joy and so many amazing connections of clients and friends.¬†

My heart is full of gratitude for the journey I embraced, while not always easy that’s for sure, but one full of pride for doing the deep courageous work to transform and grow into the best Reiki & Intuitive Energy Healing Practitioner that I can evolve into today, tomorrow and beyond.¬†¬†

ūüēį As you embark on your journey, whatever it may be, know in your heart that¬†the right teacher, mentor or healer¬†comes into your life when you’re ready and open to receiving what is in alignment for your highest well being.¬†¬†I’m here to help you!

The old saying of “what scares you is what you should go for”, is true…I didn’t let fear stop me, though it crept in from time to time, but it never stopped me and it shouldn’t ever¬†stop you either.¬†

Go for it…let’s make it happen in 2024 and how I can help you clear the blocks and obstacles I’m here, it would be an honor to journey with you!

2024 & Beyond…

‚ú®‚ú®‚ú®¬†My own healing journey plus¬†Reiki &¬†Intuitive Energy Healing has taught me to let go of¬†resolutions and allow in themes… to really evaluate what I’d like to release and bring in for the new year.

As I write this…I’m honoring myself by not setting a vision board or expectations for 2024, rather I’m allowing in the flow and bringing in the theme of “rest and life”.¬† Simply put I shall rest and live more in 2024.¬†

ūüí¶ I’ve been on a hamster wheel of so much for the past decade that this coming year if it’s not in alignment with rest, living and of course growing, as that’s what we are meant to do in this earthly plane, I’m not doing it.¬† I’m bringing¬†in the element of the water, the cool calming waters to allow in more rest and living while elevating to my highest well being.¬† By doing so I¬†will grow, push¬†to be the the highest version of myself and allow great depths of joy and healing in for myself and my clients.¬†¬†

I’m here to help you¬†find alignment in your journey, to remind you that you are worthy and supported, that you don’t walk alone and frankly aren’t meant to.¬† I haven’t and for that I’m grateful!¬†¬†

‚ú®‚ú®‚ú®¬†¬†If you’re facing stress, anxiety, grief, need alignment and clarity or¬†some energetic coaching to help take yourself to the next level, Reiki & Intuitive Energy Healing will make a difference for you, as it has for me!

Let’s connect as to how Reiki & Intuitive Energy Healing can help you work through the blocks, letting go and elevating¬†you into your highest well being while honoring you.¬†

I’m here to help, book your Reiki & Intuitive Energy Healing session now!

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