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Kelly Switzer

Kelly is a multi-dimensional artist who primarily works in colored pencils and ink.  Her graphite art is realistic and captures the beauty of the animals soul and love within her hand-drawn sketched designs.  She discovered she could draw when she was 15 years old and art is her first passion.  It was at the age of 20 when she put down her pencils to be a Mom, but her creative heart drove her to create.  As a result she took up sewing and spent 25 years creating fiber art.  

It wasn’t till a life changing event in 2018 that she picked up some colored pencils and paper that she started drawing her son’s Boxer for a Christmas present.  It was when she completed it she stepped back, took a deep breath and felt the art come alive.  In that moment she accounts that all she could hear in her mind was her dear mum and what she said after Kelly showed her the first painting she did at 15; “Kelly, God gave you a gift and it would be a sin not to use it.”  Well, Kelly’s mum was right.  

Kelly shares she has a purpose on this earth, it is drawing and painting, as she has a deep passion for it.   Kelly loves what she does and can easily get lost in the subject when she’s drawing.  She is the happiest when she is drawing as her heart and soul craves it.  Look into the eyes of her animal drawings and you’ll see it too.  

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