Reiki-Infused Artisan Jewelry handmade in northern michigan  |  Meet the Artist

Reiki-Infused Jewelry

As an Artist and Reiki Practitioner I channel the Universal Life Energy of Reiki into each collection.

Upon completion I infuse the jewelry with a general Reiki blessing; one that will enhance the natural healing properties of the stones, crystals and metals within the design.  By infusing Reiki into all of my jewelry collections whomever is wearing or enjoying the stones, crystals and jewelry will benefit from Reiki’s Universal Life force and healing energy. 

For custom and online orders I am honored and pleased to offer a special and personalized Reiki infusion and blessing for whomever the collection is destined for. I simply need the recipients name, birthday (month and day) along with their city and state. Then as a Reiki Practitioner & Intuitive Energy Healer I channel the messages and focus the healing to where and what the recipient needs.

Reiki-Infused Artisan Jewelry handmade in northern michigan  |  Shop Now

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