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Autumn Transformation with Reiki & Energy Healing 🍂

The seasons are quickly transforming… hello Autumn 🍂

🍁 Let’s talk transformation, we are all undergoing one day by day, as we grow and evolve. Whether you’re going through a major transformation, thinking about one or just the general day-to-day of life‘s evolution we’re all in our own metamorphosis.  Be sure to give yourself compassion, grace and love in the process.  Transformations can take on many forms, but they all deserve a little bit of grace and support in the process and I’d be honored to hold a safe and sacred space for you.      

🦋 I love watching the Monarch Butterflies go through their metamorphosis in our butterfly sanctuary, I learn so much from them. This was the last butterfly of this season to take flight.  It was bittersweet as the last one flew off to allow for their journey and our season to turn to Autumn. 

🍂 Autumn teaches us so much, like letting go and for me it is a season of transformation.  Before she, yes it was a female Monarch Butterfly as she didn’t have dots on her wings, flew off into the trees she flew onto me (you see her there on my left shoulder in the picture below) and I couldn’t have been more delighted.  It was as if she was reminding me of my own transformation and growth that I’m blessed to share with you all.  I don’t even care I’m in my favorite, yes that’s Cookie Monster (LOL), sweatshirt as this is authentically me!

✨✨✨ If you’d like to bring some clarity, support and guidance to your journey, Reiki and Intuitive Energy Alignment Healing can help.

🍁 October sessions are open and they are limited, since the time increases to a 30 minute energy healing session.  You’ll want to plan for 40-45 minutes together,  as they are full of guidance, support, clarity and energy alignment for mind body and soul!

🙏 Give yourself or a friend an Autumn blessing, booking is 10/1-10/31, there are limited sessions so book now for an amazing session at a practice level price 🤗.

With Gratitude,
Michelle Leigh

PS:  if you know of someone who can benefit from a Reiki and Energy Healing Alignment session please feel free to forward this blog to them!

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